Haylage for sale, haylage for horses

Feeding haylage to horses is not a new idea. The Romans made clamps of haylage for their horses when they invaded Great Britain. There are different qualities of haylage depending on the type of grass used. Haylage from new leys tend to be higher in protein.Meadow grass makes good haylage for day to day feeding where you are not trying to get extra protein in the diet.

Haylage for Sale
Haylage for Horses
  • The size of bale you need depends on how quickly it will be eaten. For one or two horses the small 20/25 kilo bale is the most suitable.

  • Haylage reduces the problems of dust and spore ingestion.

We have haylage for sale in Somerset, Devon, Cornwall, Wales, the South Eastern counties, the Midlands, the North East and North West. Our haylage is predominantly for horses and ponies but also for any agricultural animals that require it.

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