Biomass and Industrial Supplies

In recent years Abbotts have diversified into supplying straw on a contract basis for:

  • Building materials for straw build

  • Feed mixtures

  • Straw for covering carrots

  • Composting for growing mushrooms

  • Organic straw for organic mushrooms

  • Bulk supplies to a straw fired power station.

Biomass and Industrial Supplies
Straw Bales for Events

Building Materials

There has been a revival in using straw for building purposes. This is due to its excellent insulating properties and its low impact on the environment, which helps those who want to ensure they have a low carbon footprint.

We also supply hay and straw for parties, weddings, festivals for hospitality purposes.

We are able to provide small and large bales of straw suitable for this purpose. We can often alter bale density and size to meet customers specifications. Please contact us if you need more information.

Recently Abbotts assisted Grand Designs Live by supplying straw for their show houses.

Personal Service

Abbotts are able to offer our clients the benefit of their unequalled experience in handling large, or small commercial contracts and will be only too pleased to discuss specific requirements.

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