Farming Supplies

With over 130 years of trading behind them, Abbotts can offer unequalled experience.

Abbotts have the largest network of regional offices within the UK and therefore are able to provide farmers with a friendly, personal and professional service.

Farming Supplies and Straw Baling
Forage for Horses

Abbotts are always keen to purchase supplies anywhere in the UK. Abbotts can offer prompt inspection by an Agent and a quick and efficient payment.

Abbotts are able to obtain and supply the widest range of hay, straw and fodder throughout the year. We can source the product you require for any class of stock. Whether you keep Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Buffalo, Giraffes,Emu, Ostriches, Llamas or need feed for Elephants or bedding for Gorillas, Abbotts can supply the correct product.

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