Horse bedding/bedrap for sale

Bedrap is a well established high quality bedding product for horses. It is produced from oil seed rape straw, which is chopped and dust extracted. It is highly absorbent, being commonly used as a deep-litter bed.

Its main advantages over other types of bedding would be:

  • Minimal Dust

  • Labour Saving

  • Highly Absorbent

  • Composts in 8 weeks

  • Handy Packed 136 litre Bales

Bedrap for Sale
Straw Baling

Benefits of Bedrap

Droppings are easily removed on a daily basis and the wet patches can be removed with more flexibility, when it suits, normally once a week. If done correctly there will be significantly less volume of waste removed from your stable and your muck heap will be smaller and more manageable.

This natural product will rapidly break down after use into a good quality fertilizer that can be spread on the fields or used in the garden.

While the price per bale may be a little more than a bale of shavings, once you have established your bed, normal use should be one bale per horse per week or less with careful use.

If your horse suffers from COPD we recommend you try Bedrap because it has been dust extracted and is a natural product that is produced without any pesticides. It makes a soft bed that once established is very stable. Readily usable on rubber mats and very successfully mixed with shavings if you are trying to get that high level of absorption.