The name Abbott has been prominent in the hay trade for over 130 years. At one time the head office of the company was in the City of London. This was understandable as the dairy cows at that time were also kept in towns. Later Abbotts sent coal to Ireland and brought back hay from there for the pit ponies. The Company was one of the founder members of the British Hay and Straw Merchants Association.

Hay Baling with Abbott Wessex
Baling Hay

These days we operate a network of agents throughout the country. This enables us to take advantage of the different trading conditions in different parts of the country. In turn it means we can offer the best prices and often source products when other smaller merchants cannot.

The trade we do has also changed. Horse keepers now form just as an important part of the business as farmers do. We supply a lot of the other merchants with hay and straw, we import and export to many countries in Europe and North America. There is also an increasing demand for industrial uses for straw including for burning in power stations and additionally for the building industry.

Through all these changes we have tried to ensure that the customers have the best possible service from us. Our Head Office in Cirencester looks after all the accounts, acting as a hub for information for both agents and customers.

We think we are truly ‘The first name in forage’.

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