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Hay has always been the staple diet for horses. Apart from the nutritional benefits, horses tend to be less bored if they have a net of hay to pull at.The main problems with hay occur through people feeding poor quality hay which is either dusty or contains mould spores.By using a reliable merchant this can be avoided. Like most things in life, the best costs more but may work out cheaper in the end

Abbott Wessex sell and deliver hay throughout the UK and abroad.

Hay For Sale - Abbott Wessex
Hay For Horses
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  • Top quality racehorse hay

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We have hay for sale in Somerset, Devon, Cornwall, Wales, the South Eastern counties, the Midlands, the North East and North West. Our hay is predominantly for horses and ponies but also for any agricultural animals that require it. We also source any quality and quantity of hay in any size bale to suit your needs

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